Meet Seth Stisher

Seth StisherLike all people, my career doesn’t define me, however understanding who I am may help you decide whether I am the Realtor® you want to represent you. I believe it is important to not only know the Realtor® that you plan to work with, but to also understand the person that truly makes up that Realtor®. Here is some information about me outside of my real estate career.

My Education and Business Background:
Much of my background has led to my excitement, energy, and abilities in the real estate market. As a University of Alabama graduate, I built and sold two startup companies, and have learned valuable marketing, sales, financial, and organizational skills that help me stay focused on the goals of my clients.


Seth_WS_CoverAthletic Performance in Business:
I recently read an article geared to business owners and managers that discussed the idea of hiring athletes in your business in order to have a self-motivating, aggressive group of people at the helm. The article really referred to hiring not only actual athletes, but people who have a performance-based, competitive mentality. Having been a professional waterskier for over 12 years and still competing among the top slalom ski athletes in my age group around the world, I believe that my competitive drive and experience in sport not only helps me understand the drive to sell, but gives me the experience to understand what steps are needed to achieve a desired result.

As a Father of Two Kids:
13533148_10153605186045952_2473137103408654431_nI have a 14 year old daughter and 9 year old son that I adore. They constantly remind me what life is truly all about, and although they challenge me daily like kids do, they have my unwavering adoration. They also give me perspective on what buyers and sellers look at when they factor their children into their real estate decisions. It is important to understand that you don’t make big life decisions whithout factoring in the thoughts and needs of those around you.

A Few Key Points About Me:

  • My goal is to build a personal relationship with you to better understand your real estate needs.
  • My competitive nature coupled with my relentless drive fuels my ability to go after the results you desire.
  • Awarded Rookie of the Year back in my first year in real estate
  • BS Degree from the University of Alabama
  • Managed personal rental portfolio for the last 7 years
  • Currently involved in developing a private waterski community in the Charleston Area
  • Professional Waterskier for 15 years ranked as high as 14th in the world
  • Built and sold, an online watersports retail shop
  • Built and sold Charleston Wine Cellars, a custom wine cellar design-build company

I truly look forward to the opportunity to work with you!